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November 15, 2017 Haze Categories: General News. 58 Comments on New Legend

Internal Rom was dumped for Knights of Valour 2 New Legend


looks like it might need sprite zoom adding for characters in grass.

*edit* Added zooming etc. also optimized the driver, which is now faster than that stupid dangerous hack-emu too.

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haven’t played much of the game to see if it crashes at all yet.


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That game looks awesome.

It’s just a re-release of Knights of Valour 2 that was on PGM1 but with some more extra content.

KOV2 already had 2 versions, the regular version and ‘Nine Dragons’ which I guess is why this is ‘V3xx’ because it’s the 3rd release of the game. (Nine Dragons was V2xx, the original release was V1xx)

this is a little disappointing really because it doesn’t take advantage of anything new that was possible on PGM2 such as the improved colour depth.

This game, look awesome

Has the same gameplay from the Knights of valour?

Haze said “his is a little disappointing really because it doesn’t take advantage of anything new that was possible on PGM2 such as the improved colour depth.”

Maybe they were just rushing to get something they had tweaked on the side to market and didn’t think to take advantage of the system. Thanks for your work on everything that you do – and the rest of the team!

So no new clues found regarding the possible core bug? Guess ypur patch is still needed, isn’t it?

yes, a patch is still needed for Oriental Legend 2, not sure why still, also reportedly you can crash it in other ways so I can’t mark that as working just yet.

I don’t know why, it might take longer than hoped to figure out.

Dumping for ddpdoj tamashi didn’t work out as planned, the SRAM on the sub-board with the ROM made things trickier (our setup apparently wasn’t fast enough to fake it on the PCB) kov98 and kov3 didn’t get tackled this wednesday due to the delays that caused. kov3 could be tricky too because it has an extra FPGA on the rom board that needs to communicate with the main CPU too.

still kov2nl gives me enough evidence to start working on the sprite zoom implementation here.

Hey Haze, Akai Katana on next version of mame, it’s a another good surprise! But when will be insert Dodonpachi Saidaioujou?

I have it on good authority that Dodonpachi Saidaioujou will be added in 2025

I want to complain Degica, because is the cause of not releasing Dodonpachi Saidaioujou on steam.
Everyone wants to play that annoying game!
Good Alternative Blue Limbo is get the android version, i got the hacked version to play offline with bombs and gems full limited.

Wow, aren’t you clever, playing hacked games instead of paying for them. Maybe if people had more faith in others actually buying the things even with a ROM available they’d be more likely to release it.

The real reason I believe people aren’t releasing the rom is because they feel that people will play it instead of buying the game, so by expressing such opinions you only have yourself to blame, not Degica or anybody else.

Haze you’re a lil’ bit too optimistic. Dodonpachi Saidaioujou will have it’s driver by 2025 but it will be in a playable state a few years later, say 2034. ‘Blue limbo’ cheer up, we are almost there! Lol

Haze the reason why the game got banned throw google play because was not licenced throw cave. It was a Italian company selling 10 silly bombs and gems in a price it will make you poor in secounds. People complain about it and was able to close it in March.

I’m clever yeah, after seeing the shit of this companies treating us like idiots.

btw, if you buy a Dodonpachi Saidaioujou yourself and send it for dumping then it might be supported sooner.

the last one for sale on cost 550000 Yen, which is about 4875 US Dollars

If you really want to play the game I’m sure that’s not too much for you to pay.

And before you say that’s too expensive, we’ve spent close to that doing all the Gaelco and PGM2 work so far. How much have you contributed?

How i can contributed if i don´t had a job yet?
If my stinky shit country pay the money for those poor people who lost the houses in fire i wasn´t losing my time help them first.
No job i can´t help.
Only in America is the happy place to grow easy money not europe.
We work so harder for a miserable salary.

Here: https://www.coinopexpress.com/products/pcbs/kit/DoDonPachi_SaiDaiOuJou_kit_9137.html They said is a lowest price. It says kit, i don´t know if is PCB.

Try to ask Luke, is the one is leaving in japan and maybe will find one used pcb on the junk store more cheap as you think. I know is just repairs but it can help you. =D

I said you should buy it, not somebody else. You’re the one who keeps asking about it.

If you can’t afford it then you can’t afford it, shut up and stop asking.

A lot of the devs are in Europe, the people working on PGM and Gaelco are in Europe. Stop making excuses, stop begging.

You’re as pathetic as ever, Animalbear.

Fuck you. Im out.

Holy shit CrispX, get lost please.

Awesome work as ever, Haze!! :)

Nice work Haze! Mind posting a video of the SVN progress (zooming)?

it looks pretty much like the PGM1 version now ;-)

speedups to the sound decoding are more newsworthy

Very nice work Haze & the team.
I agree if your requesting something that isn’t emulated yet or dumped then you should get your money out your pocket & help by donating to the cause.
I’ve always thought that MAME should have a pop up that comes up before you download it where as people can donate as little as a £1 0r $1 or what ever the currency it is in your country. This though could make MAME’s license invalid though but I don’t think why it would, as i’m pretty sure most people would donate towards the cost of equipment & the buying of boards plus whatever other costs there is in preserving gaming history. On Google Play there’s loads of emulators that you have to pay for so why MAME can’t add an option to donate on there & on MAME’s site for builds, but as long as all the money goes back into MAME & no one profits from it I don’t see why not. I see that you can help donate towards the buying of boards so why not be able to donate towards MAME builds ? MAME would still be free though for those who can’t afford to donate but I think an option to donate towards MAME would be great. For those that do donate towards MAME could have the builds a week before others as a Thank You.

MAME doesn’t exist to raise money, and legally I also feel it’s in a better position if we don’t.

I actually find it disgusting that other emulators try to raise money for the coding of the emulator etc. (and some of the amounts being raised, that could be going to far better causes, or buying original games is just sad) Even ones that have promised to never have ads now seem to have ads creeping into the emulators and/or homepages. You’ll note that http://mamedev.org/ is ad-free, and the only time there have been ads on the official page (when it was mame.net etc.) they were put there by the hosts, not the MAME team. We’ve also rejected ‘deals’ to package MAME with adware installers etc. in the past (while around the same time others instead decided it would be a good idea to do that)

It’s for groups external to mamedev to raise money to buy PCBs for dumping, MAME itself is developed entirely on a voluntary basis.

Pointing out that the Dodonpachi Unlimited is free to play. But Google took that down with the Bug Princess: Gold Label. Bug Princess: Gold Label stop working due that the server checking went down. Dodonpachi Unlimited still can be play.

Anyway those people need to stop begging about adding onto MAME. Those games already added onto MAME. But not the same names.

Dodonpachi Saidaioujou is Dodonpachi Unlimited. :D

Thanks for the video! Must be the cos pre-calc really helped. I’ll have to compile a more recent version sometime to check it out. :).

I do hate the fact that there is emulators out there that charge money when there’s emulators that does the same thing for free. There must be 1000’s of people out there that never even come to MAME’s site & never see that we need donations to preserve our gaming history & it was just my own thought that those people should know more about what MAME does & that by having a simple pop up like saying “If you love MAME come & check out http://www.mameworld.info & maybe make a small donation to help in preserving our gaming history & not to get lost forever” Even if 99% of people that did check out http://www.mameworld.info hopefully it would also get the next generation to get into the world of what MAME is doing & learn them about coding, that could only be a good thing. I myself would just like to see when your actually loading MAME a message saying “Come & visit http://www.mameworld.info & find out more about MAME” I myself love reading all about what the MAME team does & believe that more people should read them too & it’s not just about the games, then that way they could make an informed decision what MAME needs donations for.

test the game and it doesn’t crashes at all,so it should be marked working

Therefore ,I was talking about Dodonpachi Saidai., only for to complete the cave’s cv1000d hardware games list on mame, thinking after several years it was an abandoned hardware or more cheap at least…

thx haze,
Will the card system of PGM2 be emulated later?

There are more Cave games that need dumping to complete the list than just the DoDonPachi game, there are definitely 2 Mahjong / Medal type games that aren’t dumped yet at least. Those should be a higher priority.

PGM card system will be emulated eventually, it might be that Oriental Legend 2 needs it to work properly and that the no-card / english codepaths are just incomplete and broken in the game code, we’ll see.

My first comment here.

To give congratulation to ALL people invloved in Mame (programming, dumping, donating, …) Few other projects do a so great job !

I am very happy to see PGM2 games begin to work, and I believe that all dificulties will be solved.

Concerning Cave, yes there are still many rare PCB to dump (Dodopachi Campaign, Akai Katana Red/White Label, Mushihime Sama Matsuri among others) Just keep patient !

For remenber there is 2 games pgm2 kof98um and kof2002 um
The last system stay is hyperneogeo64 thanks for your hard and great work haze the king of emulation

King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match is on Taito Type X (PC based hardware)
King of Fighters 2002 Ultimate Match is is on Taito Type X2 (PC based hardware)

King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Hero is on PGM2 (China Only?)
KIng of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match is on Y2 Board (unknown hardware, probably some ARM SoC tho) (China Only?)

There is no Kof2002 game on PGM2

I have no interest in working on Hyper NeoGeo 64 emulation, I’ve given up with that one for good.

If we believe this web page https://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/System_Board_Y2
CPU is a 32bit Risc one.
You said pgm2 was the last “classic” system. It won’t be the case of Y2 instead?

Very nice! Thanks again it works well !
Something strange though : https://postimg.org/gallery/1p9myj7uk/
1 / No picture frames on characters select screen
2 / Default selected characters are not shifted for players 3 and 4

I don’t consider an ARM based SoC that likely runs linux or similar to be a traditional arcade system. The Y2 hardware was designed to drive VGA monitors are higher resolutions too. PGM3 is similar.

As for character select screens, it’s probably something to do with the card reader not being emulated again.

These games have card system. Without card, some game area can’t enter.

Great work, amazing!!

Yes, I’m aware there’s a card system, the games won’t be marked as WORKING until the card system is emulated.

The Oriental Legend 2 crash might even be related, I have a feeling the codepaths for ‘no card reader detected’ were never tested.

I need to work out the communication protocol with the card reader MCU and simulate it, as we have no dump of that MCU.

china loves kof98 like fightacade back in the day had two rooms just for kof98 and they were filled to the brim with china players

With 0.192 release, I’ve been able to play to Oriental Legends 2. Thanks a lot !

Any progress on dumping other PGM2 titles ?

Nicolas, here is a dossier of Y2 System if you want to read (in spanish).

Great work Haze and very interesting article to read as always.

Since the author of that site refuses to acknowledge / follow the wishes of the MAME team, and is offering things that cause us many problems, I’d rather the site not be linked to, sorry. Doesn’t look like the information was all that great anyway, external hardware pictures aren’t interesting, and I don’t think the screenshots are even from the Y2 versions.

If you think so… your site, your rules i will not discuss.

By the way i am the admin of the site so if you want to warn me for something i am here i will not hide.

If MameDev don’t want no nag versions (because i suppose you are speaking about that) they only have to say it to me, I’m with you not against you.
I have plenty of questions resolved on how to use the emulator properly, to people who don’t know how to use it and for more specific questions so i am helping more than you can (at start) think. I will continue helping because a lot of people don’t know how to use Mame properly and i think is the best emulator out there.

If in 2017 people don’t know if a game is properly emulated or not , something we’re doing wrong (personal opinion), and I understand that tickets on Mametesters.org from bugs you know is a pain in the ass for the mods checking them.

As i stated before, one word from mamedev and i stop doing these versions, but this will not resolve the problem of these bad reports (at least i think that because my version is used by few people)

PD:I wrote another post but was not published, maybe is awaiting moderation. If it is, sorry Haze for double posting it :)

Well yes, the ‘no-nag’ builds have always been a huge source of false reports and problems over the years. Thankfully most places have realized this now and stopped offering them. We’ve done work over the years to reduce the ‘nag’ screens to the minimum level, it’s a now single button press for some games, and nothing at all for games that are considered to work perfectly (once the MESS merger was complete, we felt there were enough 100% legitimate use cases for the software to not need the actual copyright nag at all which is why now it’s just the emulation problem warnings and a single info screen that you can disable anyway. You can thank the MESS merger for them being reduced to the level you see today)

Basically the screens that are there now are what we consider to be essential information screens to help the user, they’re not ‘nags’ at all, they exist to prevent people from having an unexpected bad experience by warning them in advance that they will encounter issues, it’s a single button press to dismiss but an important part of ensuring a the user knows what to expect. The excuses people come up for not wanting those are always weak like ‘authentic arcade experience’ when in reality any game that has the warnings in the first place isn’t going to give an authentic experience because the actual emulation is broken in some way.

I know some people are going to think I’m being an arsehole myself for stating that, but I don’t think it’s a difficult stance to understand if you think about it. I think it’s something that is likely to become more important over time too because most people coming into emulation now are more likely to be surprised when they find out that the newer arcade boards they’re interested in don’t run properly on MAME because we’re at the point where even those ‘newer’ games are almost as old as the old ones relatively speaking. The warnings telling them that said games don’t work save them an immense amount of time in trying to figure out what they’re doing wrong.

The other issue is the donation system, while the site is credited in the MAME whatsnew for the latest release it looks from the way the list of undumped boards is presented almost like you’re some kind of official means of raising money for MAME, which simply isn’t true. Some of the people involved with the boards you’ve listed over time have expressed concern by this. If people want to donate towards said undumped boards they should be donating directly to the Dumping Union (or in some cases directly to ShouTime etc.) If they want to donate to your site, it should be a very separate thing, not be using a list of undumped boards to encourage it.

I know your point of view about these screens and in some manner you can have reason about them, but i think in 2017 there are not needed at all (maybe i think this because i use mame since the beginning and know what is working or not). Mamedev will think opposite to me because they have to answer a lot of questions of people that is ‘new’ or don’t read the source code etc…and i can understand it, but seriously maybe a compatibility list can help a lot to minimize this (personal opinion, i know the driver or the source code or the gui has that information,but users bypass them for not to be in front of his head and sometimes i think that if they were with colors doing scroll and flashing still will not be read by them)
Maybe i am wrong and my ideas are not good, if you all think so i apologize because it was not my quest, my quest is the opposite and help as much as i can.

Donations on my site are for ‘my site’ always, but i donate to your project when i can and some others too. The nick i use is my ‘war’ name (that is the same of the webpage and maybe this is the misconception), but i can change if it is a problem for Mamedev or more explanatory of who is the donator. I never thought this can be a problem, but if you say they have expressed concern about this, simply why did not tell me, i can say them to change it without problems.
With some games i told the people to donate individually for it (Dive Bomber Squad for example) with your link because a lot of people don’t read mame news,if this is a better procedure i will do that i didn’t know all of these issues you’re talking in your answer. This way simply sometimes i can not have time to post the new about it because i don’t have a lot of spare time
The list of the games is to have a track of the donations (i erased it now because i didn’t know it was a problem too lol) and you’re wrong, the people who donate on Patreon did it because the hyperspin/rocketlauncher tutorials, not for these dumps. I know because i speak with them from time to time of all these things

All I want to say is that all are in the same board, if something is wrong, talk, we are not 16 year old (at least i think so), if i can not do nonag, i will not do them, if i can not donate i will not donate (at least in that way), simply be specific about it , i will not demonize you or say anything bad about you as individuals or something bad about your project, as i said before, your project, your rules. You have my e-mail, tell this to them if you want and i am all ears :)

Well my opinion on those builds is not going to change.

Technically you can publish them, the license allows you to do so, however for the reasons I stated I feel it goes against the spirit of things.

Likewise, I can decided I’d rather not have links here to sites publishing material that I consider is likely to cause problems.

Honestly, it is up to you what you do, I can only say I would rather you didn’t.

Some of the other work the site does, like recording videos to show off new progress is actually very useful, it’s always good to have people testing the work that has been done, and you do have one of the only sites that isn’t simply copy+pasting news, but instead providing your own commentary, so in that sense I do think it is a shame that you’re also offering these these builds that I feel cause more problems than warrants the single button press they’re saving for people.

I don’t want your opinion to be changed, is good to talk with a person with a different point of view to know what is the perception of the other.
With the link, no problem i understand it, it will go against your convictions and i respect that (if i did know that i will not put it in first instance so, my apologies)
Thanks for the kind words, i try to cover the most of the news in my spare time (unfortunately i cannot with all). As i said before i apologize for the extra work that builds can cause at Mamedev team, this was not intended.

fwiw the fix made to the ARM unaligned read behavior that was exposed by a GameBoy Advance test program seems to have fixed the stability issues in Oriental Legend 2. MAME/MESS merger comes up trumps again.

fwiw Y2 system
http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/pics2017/y2_mobo_0.jpg (motherboard front)
http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/pics2017/y2_mobo_1.jpg (motherboard back)
http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/pics2017/y2_mobo_2.jpg (motherboard under covered area)
http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/pics2017/y2_kof2002um.jpg (game board)

so as you can see, not really that much like PGM2, it’s a more modern looking system IMHO. Board manufacturer is apparently the same as Atomiswave, so it might even be another Naomi derived system integrated into a SoC (System on Chip) or something similar to 2009 era SmartPhone tech (as such devices are one of the main places you find SoC type solutions)

We have no dumps, but I can’t imagine MAME running this well unless the hardware is a lot lower powered than expected. It might not even be easy to emulate; Arcana Heart runs on a similar modern SoC based PCB (in that case a MagicEyes VRENDER 3D SoC – 200 MHz ARM920T CPU with integrated GFX) and no breakthroughs were made there. PGM3 is also a SoC based system with everything integrated into the CPU. All these boards have moved very much away from the traditional design used by PGM2.

What about the two Fuuki games “Hakotsumi Max”, and “Tenma De Mile!”; what kind of hardware are those on?


Well since we only have those pictures to go on you know as much as I do.

Also I know somebody said on a previous post that the English (Overseas) version of Oriental Legend 2 was not released. This is incorrect, we’ve just dumped a PCB (roms and CPU had the region code ‘fa’) and confirmed that the Oversea version differs only by the region byte in the internal ROM.

The PCB was supplied by Jeremy Romine and is a 100% authentic IGS release, so the English (Oversea) version will be the parent in the next MAME.

The PCB of the Fuuki game “Hakotsumi Max” shown here (https://mamedev.emulab.it/undumped/index.php?title=File:Hakotsumimax-PCB.jpg) reminds me the one that was find in the past by the DU as an unknown puzzle game with this kind of VGA connector and also same format for the PCB.

Most modern PCBs look like this because they need so few chips, and output VGA resolutions.

Seach on ebay for the recent 8-liner PCBs and you can find 100 variations on this.

The one you’re talking about was Cross Puzzle, which is actually a tiny Vrender0 (Crystal System) based PCB, the flash on it was mostly empty (it’s a tiny game) but I was unable to make it work, I suspect there might be some other code hidden in one of the devices or some protection; I did write code so that it could read from the flash, but even after reading the data and finding something it recognized, it wasn’t happy.

I suspect Cross Puzzle might only exist so they can sell such boards as regular games, not gambling ones, then sell a card with the gambling game on separate to avoid some kind of import laws etc.

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