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October 10, 2012 Haze Categories: General News. 17 Comments on Isn’t 3×3 actually NINE?

Mariusz Wojcieszek submitted a driver for a Korean game called ‘3*3 Puzzle’

He doesn’t have a WIP page, and I helped with the driver (just a simple graphic decode plus a few minor fixes like adding the 2nd button mind you) so I’ll show it here.

It comes in 2 flavors, one with adult images, and one without. The images I’m showing are from the non-adult version.

I’d write something interesting about it, but it really isn’t that interesting at all, it’s just 3 poorly programmed near shovelware quality mini-games, a columns rip-off, a tile matching game, and a version of othello.

Hardware wise it stands as one of an odd group of platforms which lacks any kind of sprites at all, the whole thing is just 3 tilemap layers with ROM based graphics, which is rather limiting. I plan on doing an article highlighting some examples of games using such a configuration, a couple might surprise you, but this one does nothing to even attempt to hide the limitations, simply presenting a set of very basic games.

It can change resolutions, which is an unusual trick for non-major manufacturer games to do, the 2nd game uses that to run at a higher resolution than the others, but that’s the only real trick the hardware has. It might be able to scroll too (you can see a bad line of tiles in the 2nd game which might be because there’s currently no scrolling hooked up) but that’s hardly something to write home about.

3*3 Puzzle 3*3 Puzzle

3*3 Puzzle 3*3 Puzzle

3*3 Puzzle

3*3 Puzzle

3*3 Puzzle 3*3 Puzzle


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Three Times Three is NINE?
Well, you solved that puzzle.
I think that means you win.

Looks good Mr Haze, do you reckon it will be included in the next MAME u release & working?

No one gives a shit you faggot. I’d tell you so on the message board but looks like you’re still banned. Fuck yourself.

Yeah, this is submitted and will be in the next u release, you can always follow the progress on the live GIT


that way you’ll always know what’s coming :-)

git sometimes slow down a lot.
it’s good t take the source, but to know what happens this


is a lot more handy

I find the GIT is a lot easier to browse tho, the interface to the SVN one is rather ugly

probably it’s just that I’m used to that website: I’m reading it since the MESS cvs days in 2006

Haze, please delete irrelevant posts by the children who can’t hold their liquor.

I try not to censor things here, so approved the post. People are entitled to an opinion after all.

It’s not going to affect my choice of what I work on tho.

Deleting rubbish isn’t censorship per se’ is it?

Anyway, if you aren’t going to censor at all, then let’s see those “adult” PG rated screenies!

3×3 puzzle (Ace Enterprise 1998. 5. 28)

There is another game named exactly same name 3*3 Puzzle (Promat 1996 .8. 9)
no image, only korean texts. I personally have KMRB images of it. This game has hexa(anyway koreans don’t say it columns), pacman-like and othello.
so leave the rom name for her, ;)

Could you please share your images for the Undumped Wiki?
3×3 Puzzle (Promat) isn’t listed.

Also, if you would like to share some other infos for the Wiki, it would be very appreciated.

There’s a difference between allowing stupid people to write comments and putting actual adult images which could get the site blocked all over the place.

MW ended up blocked in quite a few places I know because it was flagged as an *adult* site due to the looney bin porn, not because it was a gaming site (those weren’t blocked) so I’d rather not go down the same path.

Yeah,I have found a good article for Interview you,you are the best dev

Why you guys are worried about adult picture games?
Wait for the next release of MAME and play the 2 games.
If Haze don´t wanna to show up the adult images, because there is some reason.
Nice Work.

I visited “Undumped Wiki” but cannot upload because of no right to posting.

Dont worry all you see me. I do not bark or bite MAME developers or fans.
OMG, my face reflected the upper side of the cabinet. :)

Would you like to have editing rights?
I just need your e-mail adress.
If you are interested, send me a mail to mesgnet at yahoo.it

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