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October 2, 2013 Haze Categories: General News. 7 Comments on Card + Pocket = Carket

ANY dumped one of the remaining Semicom titles, this one a pool-style game called Carket Ball

It seems to be a polished looking title with various well-drawn cutaways when you take shots and a decent set of features.

Unfortunately the board isn’t working properly, so we were unable to extract the actual MCU code so for now I’ve had to substitute it with a modified version of the code from another game until we can try the MCU on a different board. As a result the emulation isn’t really trusted and will remain marked as NOT WORKING. There are definitely issues with the sound that could be due to this.

Carket Ball Carket Ball
Carket Ball Carket Ball
Carket Ball Carket Ball
Carket Ball Carket Ball

It runs on the same hardware as Choky Choky etc. so cloned / bootleg style Tumble Pop hardware.


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Hmm a pool and cards mash up type game
wonder how that works

This would make a great hentai game!

The screenshot at Undumped Wiki/Hardcore Gaming:
has copyright info as
(C) Semicom, Co. 1996
but your title screenshot has it as:
© 1996 Semicom Co.

I think those screenshots come from that Korean games database site, and are what Semicom submitted for approval.

It’s possible they’re from an earlier point in development, or a version that was released in Korea with this being the Export version (there is a ‘language’ dip listed in test mode, but like most Semicom games it changes nothing)

HentaiMan – facepalm…
Nice job Haze.

Viewing http://www.hardcoregaming101.net,
I always mentioned Semicom’s former name was “Mijin”. But once MAME & history.dat describe Final Tetris to “Jeil”. Every web sites derived by old one never changes it. Now I found it was removed my commentary of wrong description of company name in history.dat.

“There is no Jeil computer system.” Jeil is used to described on this game’s newspaper but not company name.
It is saying like Washinton Post’s owner is George Washington. Complete wrong.

So what would you use?

Brixian has ‘Cheil present’ and ‘Cheil Computer System’ on the title screen which I assume is an alt translation of ‘Jeil’

Final Tetris shows nothing, so it’s hard to know what to put, maybe ‘Cheil’ like Brixian is better?

Clearly they all have the same roots because they all employ nearly identical protection methods.

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