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July 16, 2015 Haze Categories: General News. 6 Comments on Maya be Clean

A while back system11 dumped his Maya board after finding out it was a different version to the ones found in MAME, for some reason nobody actually looked at the dump until now so I decided to take a look. Unlike the other clones it wasn’t a 100% simple rom swap, it actually uses a different rom scrambling on the graphic roms which needed figuring out, nothing too tricky (just some address line swaps) but time consuming all the same.

He also didn’t dump the colour PROMs at the time and once it was added it became quite apparent that they were needed because the colours didn’t match up properly with the new images found in this set, once alerted to this the situation was very quickly resolved.

It’s a “clean” version of Maya, without the adult pictures and nudity, instead it has various cartoons.

Maya Clean

Maya Clean Maya Clean

Maya Clean Maya Clean Maya Clean

Maya Clean Maya Clean Maya Clean

Maya Clean Maya Clean Maya Clean

Maya Clean Maya Clean Maya Clean

Maya Clean Maya Clean Maya Clean

Now.. as the game is basically a hack of Dragon Punch / Sports Match in the first place what I’m wondering is if these are original pieces of art of if they too have been lifted from somewhere else, anybody recognize any of them? This is the complete set of images the game uses for level rewards. (I’m mostly interested in knowing about the cartoons)


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The cartoon art is by U-Jin (sp?) a adult manga artist.

U-Jin (Here is the author’s page on Wikipedia) is the correct spelling.

Here’s a reference to Konai Shasei (School Sketches?), the Manga the first image was lifted from.

Haze, hentai isn’t good for you. A drawing can never compare to an actual woman.

The cartoon of the man carrying a TV onto a deserted island from a sinking ship sure reminds me of a Far Side cartoon. If this isn’t the exact same Far Side cartoon, then it is a very close copy (if my memory serves me right anyway).

Concerned Person – hentai always help women people watch to get pleasure by a man likes to collect hentai. :D

Concerned Person – I hope people of /a/ doesn’t read that.

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